Mission Stories 09MAY2020

The following story is of a little girl, Agnieszka, who was afraid of animals. While such fear may seem trivial to most people, God is merciful and compassionate. He truly cares about the discomfort of this little girl, especially when she asks Him for help. Is what happens next a miracle? You decide.

Gobbly-Gobbling Turkeys

Little Agnieszka grew up in beautiful countryside in southern Poland.

A big green forest stood on one side of her house. A green meadow with pretty white daisies and pink and purple wildflowers stretched out on the other side of the house.

Agnieszka loved nature. Well, most of it. She didn’t like the dark. Strangers were scary. Her family had cats, dogs, and chickens, but she was frightened of them. She was especially scared of mooing cows and gobbly-gobbling turkeys. Fortunately, no cows or turkeys lived at her house.

Continue reading ‘Gobbly-Gobbling Turkeys’ by Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission . . .

What this next story tells me is that even one soul is worth our efforts.

Friend to Finland’s Friendless

Lauri Herranen
Image credit:
Andrew McChesney/ADAMS

Lauri Herranen stood somberly at the grave of a friend in Mikkeli, Finland.

The same-aged friend had died three years earlier when a blood clot moved from his heart to his brain.

“I could be the one in the grave,” Lauri thought.

He sensed an inner voice say, “You know where the life that you are now living will lead. Do you really want that?”

Continue reading ‘Friend to Finland’s Friendless by Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission . . .

Map of Poland

Map of Finland


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