Mission Stories 30MAY2020

In the first story, Glenn Lie [pronounced LEE] takes a novel approach to witnessing for Christ. Personally, I also like to wear shirts that get noticed. I usually prefer a message on the back of my shirt because everyone reads the back of a shirt, especially when standing in line. When you think about it, we stand in line a lot at the: grocery checkout line, post office, movie theater, DMV, library, etc. People may be a bit shy to look at the front of our shirts but they are comfortable with viewing the backs.

A Shirt to Talk About

By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

Glenn Lie
Photo credit: Andrew McChesney/ADAMS

Glenn Lie slipped on his favorite green polo shirt and boarded a subway train in Oslo, Norway.

The 55-year-old teacher hoped that people would stare at him. He didn’t have to wait long.

Glenn sat across from an elegantly dressed woman who appeared to be in her early sixties. The woman glanced at him and then his shirt. Her eyes remained on his shirt. Embroidered on the left breast were the words, “Advent Airlines, Steward Glenn Lie,” and the image of a jet plane.

Glenn said nothing. He knew the woman was wondering why she had never heard about Advent Airlines.

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Glenn Lie wearing his shirt

Find Norway on the Map

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God is love. He has His eye on the tiny sparrow and not a single one is forgotten by Him. If God loves the sparrow, then it goes without saying that He loves the small kitten and He most certainly loves a little girl named Ema.

Poisoned Tom

By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

Photo credit: Andrew McChesney/ADAMS

Ema Macura has loved animals for as long as she can remember.

When she was 3, she begged for a horse. Mother explained that a horse was too big to keep in their city apartment in Serbia.

So, Ema asked for a dog.

Father didn’t think a dog was a good idea.

“Our house is too small for a dog, and we don’t have a yard,” he said. “Animals need a bigger place with a yard. Jesus didn’t make them to live in a small, closed place like an apartment.”

Ema didn’t give up.

“Can I have a cat?” she said.

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Ema Macura

Download the Mission Bank Coloring Page

See New Belgrade, Serbia on Google Maps

Tom and Ema
Photo credit: Andrew McChesney/ADAMS

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