A King and Leader for All Time

Via the Seventh-Day Adventist church YouTube Channel:

“God is always doing something, but He is surprisingly always the picture of peace, the beautiful picture of consistency.

“In this quarter’s Sabbath School lesson guide, this never-changing truth about God is brought to life in the study of the book of Isaiah. Together, we explore the themes of God’s sovereignty, His promise to save the people of the earth through His prophesied son Jesus appearing on the scene. All this transpires as Isaiah struggles through his day and age – the loss of leadership in Israel, the conflicts between nations.

“Enjoy this short reflection on the themes being covered this quarter as we begin 2021 in a world with similar struggles. Be encouraged by the faith of Isaiah and His relationship with God to know your life and the future of nations is truly in God’s hands.

“To get stuck into this quarter’s study series on the Book of Isaiah, head over to http://absg.adventist.org where each lesson is available to read online or download as a PDF. “

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