Mission Stories 23JAN2021

Missing Memory Stick

By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

Yaroslava had a favorite memory stick. The memory stick was gray and blue and attached to a heart-shaped key chain. On the heart was a red ladybug with black spots and the words, “God loves you.”

Yaroslava saved music on the memory stick for singing at church. Yaroslava loved to sing, and she was often asked to sing for special music.

One summer, Yaroslava needed the memory stick to sing a song at day camp at her school. But she couldn’t remember where she had put it. She stuck her hand into her purse and felt around. Nothing. She looked around the bedroom that she shared with her little brother. Where could it be? “God, help me to find the memory stick,” she prayed out loud. “You know how much I need it.”

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Making Friends With God

By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

Masha, 17

When Masha was 5, her older sister got baptized in the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk in Russia.

Masha watched intently as her sister went down into the water in the baptismal tank. She heard the pastor and other church members congratulate her afterward. She thought that the baptism was a wonderful occasion — and she pondered it for a whole year.

When she was 6, she decided that she was old enough to be baptized.

“I want to get baptized,” she announced to her mother.

But then she got to thinking. Maybe 6 was too young to be baptized. Ten sounded like a better age. Masha decided to wait until she was 10.

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How to Start a Missionary Movement

Inside Story / Timely Lesson


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