Mission Stories 02OCT2021

Children’s Mission Story

Who Named Animals?

By Andrew McChesney

Batzul saw horses everywhere in Mongolia.

Mongolian horses are strong and live just fine in the hot summer weather and even in the cold winter. Batzul knew that horses are important. But a big question puzzled the little boy: Who named horses “horses”?

“Father,” he said. “Why are horses called horses? Who named horses?”

Father just smiled. He didn’t know.

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Youth and Adult Mission Story

Hook-Man’s Two Miracles

By Erdenebat Budragchaa, as told to Andrew McChesney

I worked as a hook-man on construction projects in Mongolia.

When an apartment building was under construction, a tall crane used a big metal hook to lift building materials and swing them over to me, waiting on a high wall. I took the building materials off the hook.

One day, I was nearly finished unhooking a load on the third floor when the hook abruptly moved. I took a big stick and tried to push the hook back into place. But the hook came back and hit me hard, knocking me off the wall. I remember hitting the ground three floors below. Then I lost consciousness.

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Mission Spotlight

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