Mission Stories 22JAN2022

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Praying for Parents


Children’s Mission Story By Andrew McChesney

Can you imagine having a Father or Mother who didn’t know Jesus? What would you do?

Singkham’s Father and Mother did not know Jesus. Like many people in Laos, they were not Christians, and they had never gone to church. Singkham, however, loved Jesus and wanted his parents to know Him, too. But how?

He began to pray. He asked people at church to pray. Everyone prayed for Father and Mother.

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As told by 11-year-old Ethan in the United States.

The following story reminds me of when I was a little boy. My Catholic grandmother had a huge Bible on the coffee table that always stayed closed. One day, I opened it and began to read. Grandmother saw me and frantically told me to not open the Bible. “Only the priest can read the Bible,” she said.

Bible Only for Priests


Youth and Adult Mission Story By Angelo Pereira

My heart longed to study the Bible, but my church leader told me that the Bible was only for priests.

Let me tell you what happened.

I grew up in a Christian family and always was active in my church in Kodo village in Timor-Leste.

When I was 23, I began to help lead the church’s youth group. At the age of 27, I joined a mission initiative to go outside the village. Church leaders saw my enthusiasm and, when I was 31, asked me to lead one of my village’s congregations. For 12 years, I led the congregation and preached every Sunday from a book of church teachings.

Then a Seventh-day Adventist Bible worker named Mario showed up in my village . . .

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