Mission Stories 02MAY2020

When I was seven-years-old, a couple of strangers came to our gate. My mother spoke with the man and woman briefly and then they left. I was quite curious as to who these people were. When I inquired, my mother sat me down to reveal that she was not my mother. She was actually my grandmother and the lady at the gate was my real mother. She had come, with her new husband, to meet me for the first time. It is for this reason that the following mission story has struck home with me. I hope these stories are a blessing to you. May God be with you and stay safe.

Waiting for Parents

Image credit: Adams

Little Iustina never saw Father and Mother in real life. Father never held her hand. Mother never gave her a warm hug. Iustina only saw her parents in videos.

Iustina lived with Grandmother in Colibasi, a small village in Moldova. When she was 2, Father and Mother moved to work in far-away Ireland. They promised to return for their daughter.

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The following story is incredible! It just goes to show that the Holy Spirit can reach anyone. It also demonstrates how we have free will. I have said many times that when you come to a fork in the road, decide which direction you will regret most and go the other way.

One Bad Decision

Image credit: Adams

After months of weekly worship services, seven inmates were ready for baptism in Poland.

But how and where to baptize them?

Pastor Mariusz Maikowski had an idea. The inmates could be baptized in the Baltic Sea at an upcoming youth camp meeting.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near."
Isaiah 55:6

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