Mission Stories 01MAY2021

Whenever I get into a vehicle, I say a silent prayer to God asking that the driver, the occupants and the vehicle come to no harm for the duration of the day. I also ask that nobody is harmed, whom God has given the breath of life, in the path of the car. Similarly, this first mission story tells of a family who prays for a safe trip. I hope you enjoy today's stories. May God bless you, happy Sabbath and stay safe.

Traveling Mercies

By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

Ethan’s family likes to have adventures. Once Ethan and Father and Mother traveled seven days by train on the Trans-Siberian Railroad in Russia. Another time, they rented a camper-van and traveled around Australia for three weeks. But the one trip that Ethan will never forget took place in his home country, Trinidad and Tobago.

Early Sunday morning, Ethan piled into the car with Father and Mother to go to the beach on the Caribbean Sea. Before turning on the ignition, Father prayed as the family always did before a trip.

“Heavenly Father, we ask You for your traveling mercies on this journey,” he prayed. “Please guide us as we go to the beach. Thank You.”

Then the family set off for the beach.

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Watch the children’s mission story “Traveling Mercies” for this coming Sabbath as drawn and animated by 11-year-old Ethan in the United States.

It is God

By Shinell Davis as told to Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

My 10-year-old sister, Shakira, started complaining of back pains after slipping on wet stairs outside our home in Morveant, Trinidad and Tobago.

We thought she had pulled a muscle and gave her painkillers. The pain didn’t go away after a week, so we took her to the hospital. The doctor gave her more painkillers. Shakira stopped eating, and her belly swelled up. Back at the hospital, the doctor said, “I think she has cancer.”

Despite the operations, Shakira was a joyful child and tried to be the most cheerful person in the hospital room. The doctors fell in love with her. After a year she was declared cancer-free.

A few months after she returned home, the cancer returned. I spent many nights with her in the hospital. I remember her moaning, “My back, my belly, my back, my belly.” She was in such pain.

The doctor arranged for an operation.

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Cancer Survivor from Eden Valley Institute

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